The Maintenance Series by Rebecca orme

Nail Tech to Nail Pro

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Save time and energy, increasing your profits !

Some nail tech's I've spoken to over the last 5 years haven't been taught how to maintain nails, at all in some cases... but if it was included in your course but its taking you too long to offer a maintenance appointment to your clients then this online course is perfect for you.

I'm going to show you how to be efficient and confident.

Do any of these sound familiar :

You tell your clients they need a soak off and full set on their next appointment

You know the clients nails look the wrong shape on the top profile but you don't know how to fix it other than filing it all flat and building on top

The maintenance you do makes the nails look really thick and bulky, then the client comes back with lots of issues, so you don't do it anymore...

Your'e not sure how to file, where to file and it just takes too long!

You charge all clients the same for infills, but it takes you twice as long for some clients!

Learn how to maintain nails the efficient way!

Start this Week confident !

The Maintenance Series

For Only £55 this will be the best money you have ever spent in your business.

The lifting series helped me so much, I didn’t realise there were so many things that could cause problem, but Rebecca breaks it down so well, it was easy to make the changes and get better results with my clients.

Paulina G.