The Lifting Series by Rebecca orme

Nail Tech to Nail Pro

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So i guess you've landed here because you are looking for a solution to your lifting issues?

The good news is, I'm here to help and you're not alone.
I've been there and a great many students have come to me over the years with the same issues - there are solutions and you can start solving the issues today!

Do any of these sound familiar :

They just 'pinged off'

They started lifting so I had to remove all of the nails

I think it was because they were a bit thick / thin / were sculpted etc etc....

Are you feeling like You've tried Everything :

Prepping more

Thickening up the application

Switching brands to an acrylic recommended by a Facebook group

putting a clear base layer down first

Buying a 'stronger' primer recommended by another nail tech

using stronger tips

introducing a cuticle remover during prep

using an E-File to prep the natural nails

If even 1, or any of the above sounds familiar, then you need this series.

You would be surprised at what I hear nail tech's have tried to solve their lifting issues and some of the trials can be detrimental to the natural nail or even void your insurance!

So if you'd like to learn the facts - not the hearsay or 'opinions' on Facebook support groups, then join me at my nail desk (and sometimes on my sofa) for the facts, broken down, into real life situations, the facts, the why's and the how's

Start this Week confident !

The lifting series is guaranteed to help you Make the right alterations in your prep and application by teaching you the how's and why's - add to this the background knowledge and facts with lots of practical to watch you will be so much more confident sitting with problematic client by tomorrow.

For Only £55 this will be the best money you have ever spent on your business

To become a qualified Nail Technician, we offer face to face courses, so if you aren’t qualified yet, then click the links below to see the details. 

The lifting series helped me so much, I didn’t realise there were so many things that could cause problem, but Rebecca breaks it down so well, it was easy to make the changes and get better results with my clients.

Paulina G.