The Lifting Series


If I told you that clients coming back with lifting could be costing you £3264 per year, would you want to take action to solve the issue?

An extra 20 mins filing or soaking off a full set to start again could be costing you dearly, but there is a solution for you

How many clients do you think haven’t come back to you because of lifting or enhancements not lasting on them?

Too many times I’m hearing NT’s struggling with lifting, to hear:

 “I’m doing everything as I was taught”

“I’m ready to give up”

“I just can’t do it”

“No matter what I do, I’m still getting lifting 🙁 “

Does this sound like you?

When you’re starting out as a Nail Tech, or even 2,3 or 4 years down the line, lifting can be a troublesome issue to overcome.

You can lose clients, lose time, money and ultimately your confidence.

I know I’ve been there too! I promise you this is something you can get over, with the right help, guidance and knowledge…

Well, I have THE Answer to all of your Lifting Issues Right Here!

I'm Rebecca Orme and YOU are in the right place if you want to solve issues and succeed!


In addition to the Intro Video and the 5 structured videos in this series, I’m adding more short video’s with further information as It’s requested so please go ahead and shoot me a message to place a request based on this issue.

Are you:

— Doing all of the PREP as you were taught on your course

— Cleaning the nail plate like you were shown

— Now cleaning the nail plate like your ‘nail friend’ showed you…

— Changed your Primer to a ‘stronger’ one

— Etched the nail plate really well

— Wiped off any product touching the skin before it cured


Have you been on FB Support Groups only to have other NT’s suggest you do more cuticle work, or use the Primer they use, because they’ve never had any issues?

Maybe you’ve changed the brand of product you use altogether, because it seems like everyone else is getting on great with it?

Lifting issues getting you down? Feel like giving up? Work with me instead!

Take action now for a fraction of what lifting is costing you per week and let’s work together to solve these issues for good!

The Lifting Educational Video Series

I know your frustrations and I know you can do this!

Thats why I have created this online Educational Series of Video’s to show you the exact HOW’s and WHY’s of the bain of every NT’s life, lifting… 

I have filmed over 1 hour of video footage tailored to the professional NT facing these struggles, why? because I am in the business of Education and my proven solutions work time and time again.

It’s all nice and relaxed too! Don’t worry about anything! You have sit in your PJ’s in bed, gaining all of the valuable information I have gathered over the years… Heck, I’m even sitting on my sofa with a cup of coffee for the intro video! So start relaxing, knowing you’re doing something that will up your skills and give you and your clients so much more confidence.

  • The 7 Reasons for nail enhancements lifting – Its not all down to PREP all the time.


  • Explanations for all 7 Issues


  • 4 Practical Demonstration Videos showing you exactly HOW you should be working and WHY!
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Q. Will I need to change the nail brand I’m using?

A. NOT AT ALL, its all a matter of techniques! Everything I give you in these tutorials can be done with knowledge and then putting it into action.

Q. How long will it take until I see the difference in clients nails?

A. Almost immediately if you use the knowledge and techniques i show you to troubleshoot and solve any issue involving lifting.

Q. Do I need to buy anything else to be able to complete the tutorials myself?

A. No, “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER” as they say… and this is all knowledge based, it is then up to you to put into practice on your clients.

Q. How much time do I need in order to do this?

A. The series is over an hour, but can be watched anytime anywhere. Just Login and watch it all bit by bit.

Q. Is there an exam at the end or a certificate?

A. No and no…You are already a qualified NT, this Education Series does not qualify you in any way to be a NT, rather it supports you to make sure you have everything you need to do a great job for your clients and feel confident whilst doing it.

Q. I use Gel Polish or Hard Gel (not acrylic) will this series still help me?

A. Yes it will! its all knowledge and the same principles apply to all systems, some is specific to L&P, such as the mix ratio video, but you can skip this tutorial and move onto the next one.

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