Super Skills Workshop

This is a class for qualified nail tech’s.

– are you struggling? with lifting, lumpy application, breakages, shaping…?

If you think you don’t have all of the knowledge you need, you are running into common issues that you don’t know how to fix and are feeling like it was all a bit vague and the instructions on your course were glossed over , especially now you are on your own, then do read on, this is where my expertise will help you immensely!

The class is for NT’s using any system of enhancements, however 1 part goes specifically into Mix ratio of L&P, I can adapt this for Gel users on the day !


This class is geared towards the Nail Tech who usually uses (or wants to use) L&P, Hard Gel or AcryGel. If you use a soak off gel such as Biosculpture or Calgel I can adapt the information to suit you too. If you only use Gel Polish, then please email me before booking and we can discuss other options for you.


What will I learn on Super Skills?

- Perfect PREP the 7 things that could go wrong and how to fix them
- Picking up the perfect bead every time and Mix Ratio
- Product control
- Polymerisation of products including UV curing
- Correct Structure of nails
- Tip and Sculpting form fit - Get it right!
- Nail Shapes, how to create an oval, almond or ballerina properly without the lower arch ski-jumping!
- Effective filing
- Troubleshooting common issues

Class Times...

I run this course every 6-8 weeks, so you are bound to find a course that suits your calendar. Classes run on Monday and Tuesday.

To see the next course dates click the button below.

This class is from 10am - 4pm

A model IS required for this course, your model is required the whole day with NOTHING on her nails when she arrives.

What is the cost?

This 1 day course costs just £125+VAT and includes theory and hands on training. Bring a pen and paper to take plenty of notes!

Can i get insurance after the course?

This is not a qualification course. You should already be qualified in Nail enhancements and looking to upskill and/or troubleshoot issues you're having to ensure your services and gain confidence.

Is this class for me?

This course is for nail technicians qualified in nail enhancements – L&P, AcryGel or Hard Gel.


  • If you are running into problem like lifting, and trying different brands primers, tried switching brands altogether, not sure how to fix it.
  • You aren’t sure what mix ratio is or what mix ratio you should be working to. If you’re struggling to get the perfect mix ratio but sometimes your beads are too dry and sometimes they are too wet
  • If you are not getting the shape you want and your nails are coming out all different on the same client
  • If you are getting breakages and its taking you ages to fix the clients nails
  • Is your product running into the skin? or you always get product stuck to the skin at zone 3 or the side walls?
  • If you know you are filing the natural nails too much but the nails just don’t last otherwise
  • if your nails always look too thick, wide or bulky and you’re then spending lots of time filing or resorted to an e-filing course to help speed up.
  • If you are frustrated and don’t know where to go from here
  • Do you feel like your knowledge and/or skills are just not where you need them to be, to be confident with clients?
Do you just need a refresher after being out of the industry for a while or you never really got started after your beginners course…and need to get the information and processes back into your mind again.

Then this is the class for you!

Lets get you confident!

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