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Rebecca Orme here, and what an exciting time, you are embarking on… It’s the start of a fun and challenging career. Its not going to be completely plain sailing but you’ll love it, the colour, the people, the creations you can be proud of and the realisation that there is a whole host of things you can do on a nail that make ladies and gents feel more confident and inspired.

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So you’re going to be a Nail Tech, and i was there once, young and excited, and there wasn’t half as much out there products or techniques wise than we have today, so i still get a thrill from this industry nearly 17 years on!

Your course is a great one, i know because my academy run these courses too, so i know the in’s and out’s and what you need to achieve to pass, thats where you’ll  find that you can come to Nails and Co via our website, facebook or drop us a quick email or phone call to get some additional support on top of what amazing your college tutors are already giving you. Think about it, you have a finite amount of time at college, and specific criteria to hit, so learning something in addition isn’t necessarily going to happen during your course.

Enter Nails and Co… I am a Nail Tech, International Educator (yes, i have taught abroad), I am a session tech – meaning i work on set at editorial shoots, i do London Fashion Week shows, and have done Paris Fashion Week too! I have taught for nearly 10 years, entered and won my first nail competition then went on to mentor other techs to win competitions too… so there is a good indication that you are in good hands when you visit our online resources.

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