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I am passionate about the nail industry and I know you are too, that’s why you are here browsing this website. As such I know you are probably conscious of the ongoing issues of unregulated product in the industry, ingredients that should not be in nail products and more…

That is why I strive to be as transparent as possible and give you the information you want, when you want it! no waiting, no requests by email or otherwise, just straight forward information when you require it

Below is the link to all of the SDS for Mystic Nails Products, this link is being updated all the time when new products are added to the Mystic family so do check back here anytime to see the new MSDS. You can download these files to your own computer so you will always have them.

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Be sure to be safe, download the Mystic SDS

All product SDS can be Found on this link, be sure to come back as we update this...

Declarations on Animal testing (hint: we dont do it!)

...and our conformity to EU cosmetic regulations - We are registered on the CPNP 🙂