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Mystic Nails Newbie Nail Tech L&P Starter Kit

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As a beginner on a nail course, whether in college or a private academy, you need great, professional products to get you started the right way. Mystic Nails is a long standing professional only nail brand that has everything a Nail Tech could need.

The Newbie Nail Tech Starter Kit has been designed to give you everything you need to get started straight away. With a forgiving mix ratio, the Mystic Nails L&P system gives you an easy to apply product that self-levels and has great adhesion on even the most difficult nail plates.

Kit Includes: 125ml Liquid Blue, 15ml Powders in Pink, White and Cover Pink, Propusher, Nail Prep, Primer, Files and Buffer, 100ct Tips, 100ct Sculpting Forms, Tip glue, Tip Cutters, Queenie Size 12 Acrylic Brush, Glass Dappen Dish, Cuticle Oil.

Almond cuticle oil

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Powder dark pink 15ml

*NOTE* Some pot lid have sustained some scratches, but this is superficial only - the product is sealed and contects is still perfect. If you should recieve a scratched pot, you'll also receieve a little gift from me to say thank you for your continued support :)

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Insufficient stock

Mystic Nails is a long standing Nail Brand, registered for sale in the EU on the CPNP cosmetics portal. All SDS can be found 24/7 on our website, go there now by clicking here


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