Flexi Builder Glitter Rose


Flexi GLITTER ROSE Gel, is the newest of the Flexi Builder Base Gels we all know and love, with a beautifully subtle shimmer in the popular Rose shade

Bring on the damaged nails that need extra support!!
Soak off builder in a bottle. Ideal for under gel polish to add shape to a flat nail, mend a broken corner or add some strength and structure to a thin/damaged nail.

Flexi Builder Glitter Rose is a base and builder gel polish with a dense, glitter rose shade, which is incredibly beautiful when used on the whole nail, but is also essential for baby boomer nails. Thanks to its flexibility, it adapts itself to the nail plate, which provides a firm base for the surface.

Extremely flexible and pinchable gel polish.

With Flexi Builder Glitter Rose gel polish you can fix the broken nail corner and extend the natural nail to even as long as 3-5 mms. Its thick viscosity enables it to heighten the surface of the natural nail (to build nice C curve).

– pinkish camouflage color
– anti-yellowing
– soak-off
– flexible
– thick
– cures with sticky surface

UV: 2 min
LED: 30 sec
CCFL: 50 sec


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