Fill & Form AcryGel – Brilliant Clear 30g

Fill & Form Gel – BRILLIANT CLEAR 30g 

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Brilliant Clear has a pearl sparkle for a beautifully delicate finish.

Fill & Form is an AcryGel – a hard gel that is manipulated in the same way as acrylic in its application to the nail, but without curing as you work…It gives you all of the properties of a hard nail system in its strength, durability and potential to add long length if required, but has the added bonus of being LEd light cured so you can take time to get the structure correct, minimising filing at the end of the application.

IMPORTANT: Fill & Form requires Bond booster Base Gel as a base coat. Simply ‘scrub the Bond Booster onto each nail and cure under LED for 20 seconds then go ahead and apply your chosen F&F shade.

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Fill & Form Gel – BRILLIANT CLEAR 30g – NEW!!

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