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Bond booster base gel

HEMA free nail productsEssential for Fill & Form adhesion,

The safety net for Gel Polish application  (yet, only an optional extra) for problematic nails, ‘oily nail types’ Bond Booster Base can be used instead of Base/Gloss as a stronger alternative for those who need it… ( – get it for the severely damaged nail plates!! wink*)

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Problematic nails? Get over here! There is no challenge for Bond Booster Base Gel! This brand new base gel creates a strong adhesion between the natural nail and any of our sculpting gels (Classic Line, Evolution Line, Fill & Form, Gel Polish).


Gently file the natural nail with buffer and use Nail Prep and then Primer (and/or Acid Free Primer) to prepare the natural nail chemically. Apply a very thin layer of Bond Booster Base Gel and “massage” the gel deep into the fibers of the natural nail with the brush. Always clean the brush on the mouth of the bottle properly and work with as little amount of gel as possible. Do not remove the tacky residue after curing.

Extra tip:

The Bond Booster Base Gel is not soak off but if the client does not insist on soak off removal of gel-polish we recommend to use this “glue gel” before gel-polish application. Use in case of specifically problematic nails as a base before the Base/Gloss. After applying and curing Bond Booster Base Gel the gel-polish application process and the usage of Base/Gloss and the colors are the same as normally. Of course here the usage of Nail Prep and Acid Free Primer before applying the Bond Booster Base Gel is also essential to prepare the natural nails.

UV lamp: 3 minutes
LED lamp: 20 seconds


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