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I've heard it so many times before, i decided to take action!

I am in the business of education, I truly believe that knowledge is power, and without the full knowledge in what you are doing you are going to run into problems, and the worst part....you won't know how to fix them

So over the years I have been teaching face to face and passing on my knowledge, surprisingly knowledge nail tech's should already have when qualified, but sadly all too often im seeing nail tech's struggling and on the brink of giving up.

Are you struggling? or just about ready to quit?

I have new courses coming soon! For fast confidence building, my ethos is to teach you the HOW and the WHY ...
Confidence comes from knowledge, and knowing your S*@t!
So let's get you armed and ready for success with my confidence building, knowledge gaining, troubleshooting online education.

Let's take you from Nail Tech, to NAIL PRO!

The Confidence Series

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The Filing Series

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The Filing Series by Rebecca Orme

There was so much I just didn’t know about the causes of lifting, I was going around in circles until I found Rebecca’s online series. It has helped straight away!

Lydia F.

I did a course at college, and learnt more by watching Rebecca’s lifting series than I had in a full year at college!! thank you so much

Shannon L.