Nail Tech to Nail Pro

Are you struggling with some of the practicalities of being a Nail Tech?

Here you will find all of the support and practical advice you can need from how to deal with Greenies, Treatable and Non-Treatable Conditions and more.

I am uploading a plethora of free advice, all of the things you should have been taught on your nail course but for whatever reason weren’t! You can ask any questions by contacting me through email, or facebook so if you are still struggling or need some help on a topic not covered in these pages then do reach out and let me know.

I also have a range of online courses that go into great detail problem solving everyday nail issues for you. So if its the facts and the detail you require, my video tutorial series delve into the explanations, the why’s, and how’s you are craving.

You’ll find the science behind the nails, the angles you need to succeed, why your chrome nails aren’t working, how many uses your pigments actually have…how you can make your gel work with your acrylic – but you’ll learn the reasons why, how to troubleshoot for yourself because you’re now armed with knowledge!

I have a 2:1 degree in Human Biology, Specialising in Anatomy and Physiology…I love science, the nail of anything, the technical side of things, so nails fascinated me and I’ve been hooked since i first picked up a nail polish!

Rebecca is working on this brad new, knowledge based course exclusively for qualified nail technicians,

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