The Nail Tech Success Planner

Scale your business to new heights!

I plan everything for my business, as far as I can ahead… even if its only 3 months, but ideally a 6-12 month plan, helps you manage time, money and avoid overwhelm or rash decisions. I’m all about support, sharing ideas, motivation and inspiration and have out it all into my NEW Success Planner, specifically for Nail Technicians!
and what about the money side of your nail business? Do you have an idea of how much a particular service costs you to carry out? What about your wages, do you simply take money for bills when you need to and have no idea what you’ve paid yourslf or if you’ve even made a profit from week to week or month to month…
If you have ever suffered from low confidence, overwhelm and not even knowing where to start, you’re in the right place.

The Nail Tech's Answer to Running a Successful Business

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Organising Your Business Idea's

How To Be A Total Boss Babe

What Can You Expect to Receive?

360 view of 2023

3 Calendar views gives you a complete overview of your coming year. From a full overview to a month by month on one page and finally a page per month for a full 360 degree view
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Daily planner keeps it clear

Keep an overview of your clients in front view, even if you work from a digital diary, when you’re speaking to a new client on the phone, sometimes you just need to write it down! 
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Remind, schedule and plan

Plan your daily activities, prioritise and remind yourself all on one page. I plan my day ahead, the night before, and so my planner is always to hand to write down the ‘bit’s’ I must remember to do tomo!
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'Keep it simple' guides you

Not sure where to start writing a business plan? it doesn’t need to be a 50 page plan! So let’s keep it simple and write down the most important things in your business, starting with your vision, because if you don’t have a vision how will anyone else see it?
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Breaking business down

Stuck on how to price your services so you actually earn money? Let’s break it down, right here! Fill in my step by step guide for eaxh of your services, and you’ll soon see where you could be earning more money.
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Forward think each part of your Nail Business

Thinking about each part of your business, means you can see what is costing you more money than it should be, and what is more profitable
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What is included in the Nail Tech Success Planner

There are 3 sections to your Success Planner, but one of the best things about it, is that it’s completely customisable! 
The Planner is also scattered with reflection pages, so you can remember what worked well, or what NOT to bother doing again… as well as motivational sayings, and useful information to support you through the year.
  • I’ve created the main focus points specifically for a Nail Tech.
  • Daily activities Pages for scheduling your day and reminding you of important to do’s
  • 3 Calendars views, for overview and the specifics
  • Your inspirational and Motivational Buzz words and phrases, to keep in the front of your mind the things you want to concenrate your efforts on this year. 
  • Social Media Blueprint – Where you can note all of your idea’s for consistency across posts and platforms.
 Business Financial Planning:
  • The One Page Business Plan
  • Pricing Strategy – broken down and explained
  • Wages Planning
  • Running Costs Tracker
  • Monthly Direct Debit/Payments Planner so you can plan your cashflow
  • Easy Profit Calculator

The Nail Tech Success Planner includes the covers and dividers to keep the sections of your planner tidy and in an 

order that works for you.

Nail Tech Success Planner and Pen 3
Nail Tech Success Planner and Pen 2
Nail Tech Success Planner and Pen 5

Utillising the Playful and Useful 'Disc Binder' System!

What is a ring binder system? Its a simple set of shaped rings and specically punched paper that means you can ‘pop’ a page out and quickly slot it into a different slot in your planner. It can fold all the way around and lies flat so you can easily write your most important notes. It’s easy to use and means you can archive pages you want to keep, in the back of the planner for viewing again in the future, you can shuffle your dividers.
The ring binders are rose gold to match the beautiful covers and look good enough to get out anywhere you are.

The Rose Gold Planner Pen

Make planning an event you just love, down to picking up this amazing Rose Gold Planner Pen. With a beautifully glittery handle, a pen case and 2 refill, this ball point pen has black ink, so you can sign the new lease on your premises, knowing you’ve run the numbers and planned everything down to the last detail, in your Nail Tech Success Planner!


Make your planner your own with a range of planner covers to choose from.
when purchasing your planner you now have 3 new covers as well as the original. They are wipe lean and sturdy with plenty of room to use wipeable pen to make notes and wipe clean. jot down an imortant phone number, a reference number or other last minute detail.