guarantee your favourite colours

Pre-order and receive 5% credit back

nail pro perks

Receive 5% credit for each item you pre-order to use towards your future orders.

want a colour we don't usually stock?

No problem! Let us know and we will add it to the website on pre-order for you!

let's work together!

why pre-order?

Black nails by dragana
259_MN Gel Polish

get any colour all year round

I prioritise seasonal colours when ordering for the UK, and I know the firm favourites that I cannot neglect, however I also know you and your clients ahve your firm favourites you can't live without, whether spring or winter!

Order colours we don't usually stock!

Have you seen a colour in the MN catalogue you love but we don't bring it in? let us know and we will add it to the website on pre-order for you - it will arrive on the next delivery just for you!

earn credit back

For each pre-ordered item you purchase, we will credit 5% of that items value back to your account for you to use towards your next order.

work with us and guarantee your order

working together by pre-ordering your favourites means you can manage your own stock, get new colours in, never be without your firm favourites PLUS earn 5% credit back to save you money on your next order too. 

summer colours in winter?
no problem!

Order any colour you want 

in advance and we will deliver it 

to you when it arrives in the UK

earn credit back

how does it work?

When you pre-order a product (or many) we will add those items to our next order from MN HQ. Any ites you have ordered that are in stock will be sent to you straight away as usual and any pre-ordered items will wait on our back orders ready to be sent out to you as soon as our delivery arrives int he UK.
Check the top of the home page to find our the next deadline date for pre-orders.
Mystic Nails UK Pre-Orders
  1. check the deadline date for our next order on the home page
  2. Pre-order and pay for any Gel Polish or Flexi Builder Colour that isn’t currently in stock.
  3. Receive your in stock items as usual
  4. You’ll receive an email confirming you have purchased pre-ordered items and be given an approximate time frame for your items to be delivered.
  5. Pre-ordered items will automatically be sent to you when our delivery arrives.

From time of ordering our deliveries take approx 3-4 weeks to arrive in the UK. So consider ordering your stocks in advance and we will do the rest. We aim to keep you updated throughout the process so you have an informed knowledge of when to expect your pre-ordered items.

this is just the start

making it mutually beneficial

we are starting this new idea with the gel polish and flexi builder ranges

if there is a particular product you want to guarantee for the next delivery into the uk - let us know and we will add the pre-order factility on that item for you.

Mystic Nails UK Pre-Orders