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In our industry today having the correct education, information and product knowledge is essential. I founded Nails and Co. on the basis that a high standard would always be provided and upheld, so in accordance with this ever evolving industry there are a few things I am insisting on making as transparent as possible.
We have always provided MSDS sheets for every product that we store and sell its the norm for us, nothing new and we always provide this information. Not a great many nail tech’s ask for it even though we teach it in every beginners class and talk about it in upskilling classes. Nevertheless we have everything you require by law and for insurance purposes to hand, and now with links being the easiest way to share information we are happy to provide the link to the entire Mystic Nails SDS right here:

Mystic Nails are proud to be on the CPNP for Cosmetic products

The first question I asked when i trialled the Mystic Nails products was, are you registered and all products registered on the CPNP? the answer was a very quick “Of Course!”
Mystic Nails is a European brand of high standard and is a brand that meets the highest standards possible, so conforming to EU cosmetics regulations is of the highest priority to the entire team.
Here is the statement confirming this for your reference.

Against Animal Cruelty!

We take a stand against animal testing or the use of by products. We are pleased to make our statement visible here.

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