Mystic Nails prep and Prescribe

Prescribe the perfect application for every client

Confidence is gained through knowledge and a
comprehensive range of Products

From dry nails that you struggle to soak off in adequate time, to severely damaged nail plates that Gel Polish can’t adhere to for long on it’s own…

There is always those couple of clients that have niggly chips at the free edge of their Gel Polish, each time they have their nails done and the more you do the more potential there is for damage.

Work smarter with Mystic Nails!


LEFT: Nail Prep is the classic cleanser/dehydrator. Use this on the majority of your clients for a PH balanced, cleansed, temporary dehydration – the perfect base for 90% of your clients.

RIGHT: Easy Off Prep allows you a quicker and easier soak off on dry nail plates that have no problems with adhesion!

Give me choice!


LEFT: The tradition acid primer used for years and years. Some clients can be allergic to acid primers, so switch it out for the acid free primer instead! 🙂

RIGHT: Acid free primer, creates a different type of bond with the natural nail, so if the clients nail doesn’t suit the traditional primer, the acid free is  a great alternative. 

Options means you can tailor the nails to the client!


LEFT: The classic 2 in 1 Base AND Top coat for the ‘average client’ it is perfect

RIGHT: Bond booster does what it says on the bottle! It boosts the bond between the natural nail and the product, this is your safety net and for problem lifters, switch from base/gloss to Bond Booster and see the amazing result

If you want to know more about how the prescriptive prep can give you confidence in your nails lasting and your clients happy and coming back, check out my blog post with more information here

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