Mystic Nails Flexi Builder Base

Soak Off, Brush on Builder in a Bottle

Soak Off | Brush on | Builder in a Bottle | Flexi Fibre!

Why you need Flexi Builder in your life... let me count the ways

This HERO product is a key part of the MN family of products. 

Saving damaged nails

Nails that need extra protection

Flat nails that need shape 

Nails that need a corner built up or the length evening up across the full set

It can be your base coat for great adhesion 

A ridge filler for those who need it

Or just a protective coating to ensure your clients nails grow out healthily.

No need for a base coat underneath, they are a base coat in their own right, but if your client needs a little extra help because of damage or very thin nails, add a base of Bond Booster underneath your Flexi Builder (and scroll down to see the new Flexi Fibre range!)

...and remember it's all CPNP registered Products, safe for professional use.

Meet The new GLITTER additions to the range

We have cover pinks for complimenting different skin tones, white and milky white for french,
soft looks and baby boomers, and the new glitter covers for as people love to wear these
shades on their own!

Let's not forget the Core classics...

Flexi Builder Base Clear
Mystic Nails Flexi Builder Cover
Mystic Nails Flexi Builder Cover
Mystic Nails Flexi Builder Mily Rose
My Nails Are... Mystic Nails - Black