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Gel Polish Course

Start your Gel Nails journey here with this complete beginners course


This for complete beginners not only gives you an accredited qualification at the end, but provides you with everything you NEED to know to be successful as a Gel Manicurist.
Are you ready for a nail course that will give you the knowledge and practical skills to be better than the rest?
This for complete beginners not only gives you an accredited qualification at the end, but provides you with everything you NEED to know to be successful as a Gel Manicurist.
Are you ready for a nail course that will give you the knowledge and practical skills to be better than the rest?
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Is This Course For You?

It is for you if
you already hold a manicure qualification and want to move your business to offering more nail services.
It is for you if …
you are a complete beginners in nails and want to tag on the manicure course to your beginners nail journey. (you can add the course when you book)
It is for you if …
you want a career change or embark on a new and exciting future for yourself.
It is for you if …
you feel you have a passion for nails and creating something of your own
It is for you if …
you want to work hours you set yourself and are motivated to start your own business.
It is for you if …
you have been playing with home Gel Kits and think it could be your thing!

You’ll Learn EVERYTHING You NEED To Know

– We will go through the differences between the Gel systems on the market today.
– Client Care and Consultation
– Gel Polish application
– Full colour polish application
– French / Smile Line Application for the best results!
NOW INCLUDES Builder in a Bottle application!
– All of my tips and tricks to avoid issues
– working on natural nails or over enhancements
– Safe product removal
– Contra-Indications and Contra-Actions
– Pricing and introducing to your clients
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Course Details…

You will start your course by gaining access to my exckusive online resources, where you will review the theory of gel nails, the health and safety associated with doing nails, product chemistry, client consultation and much, much more.
You will then attend your chosen face to face training day, where you will meet me (or your chosen nearest educator) and after reviewing your knowledge of the theory side you have gained we will address the practical application of gel polish and builder gel in detail,
Nothing is skimmed over! You will have lot’s of time to apply and gain confidence with me at your side and with small classes of no more than 6 budding gel manicurists, the setting is friendly and inviting enough for you to ask any questions the whole way through. 
The face to face training is 6 hours, from 10am-4pm and the full time must be completed to make sure you cover everything you need to leave the class and practice successfully.
You shouldn’t need a model, you can work on yourself or a fellow classmate, so you must arrive with naked nails (i know, but you have to have nails to work on, right!)

Do I Need a Manicure Qualification First?

Yes, you do. You are required to have a complete knowledge of the natural nail, how to look after natural nails, understand the anatomy of the nail plate and knowledge of the skin. As such a pre-requisite of at least a Manicure Qualification is required before you can attend this course. ​Don’t worry if you don’t have a manicure qualification, you can add this accredited qualification when booking your Gel Polish and Builder Gel Course, simply chek the dates on the manicure details by clicking the button below then book your courses together. Booking these 2 courses together also saves you £30+VAT! 

Do I need  to do an exam?

There is no better way to gain the feedback you need to improve your knowledge and skills for success. So I have created a short online assessment for you to complete at your leisure after the face to face training is complete. Then you will be required to submit photos of 3 sets of nails you have completed for feedback  and signing off. All feedback is positive and constructive to help you get the most out of your training and if you struggle with any part I am here to support you so ask away.

Why Train With Me?

Rebecca Orme International Educator
After 22 years in the nail industry I am an expert in my field and thats proven by the the repeated booking I receive to tend nails for models at London and Paris Fashion Weeks.
I was also commissioned to travel to a private island in the Maldives to train the spa therapists in nails for 10 days.
Want more? How about the fact I was the head educator for the Harrods Nail team for 5 years and led 6 of the top nail tech’s to take medals and trophies in the national nail competition.
I am a competition winner and International Master Artist Educator and my mission is to make you as successful in this industry as I have been.

…and the cost of all of this expert training?

Just £95+VAT. 
My mission is to give you the very best start to your nail career as possible, so this package is worth alot more than £95+VAT, however the popularity of Gel Polish and Builder Gel Nails right now is something you need to move on as soon as possible, so I am making it as easy as possible for you to get started. Once you’re booked on, the hard work is all in the practice.
You will receive a comprehensive manual for you to take home and study, exclusive access to my online resources with step by step videos and an ABT accredited certificate on successful completion. 
You also get ME!  My WhatsApp is here for you, so when you have a burning question ask away, and I’ll reply with some expert tips and advice as soon as I become available.

If you are serious about your new journey, you’ll need a professional kit to give you the best start possible.

This is no starter kit from amazon! The Mystic Nails Gel Polish Kit is a safe, reliable, professional grade kit, full of products that give amazing results.
Just check out the @MysticNailsUK Insta feed for the proof
Why Mystic Nails? Because I am the official UK Distributor, I didn’t create the brand myself… I CHOSE it! I chose MN to be part of my business, becuase it is so innovative and colourful, with everything a Nail Tech could ever need and more…

Like it? Want it? Simply add it to your basket!

A quick tour of my Halesowen Academy 

Face to Face Training session happen in Kidderminster or Halesowen. 
I have a private setting in Halesowen, West Midlands, where I do 1-2-1 training and for larger courses up to 6 people I have a room in Kidderminster, Worcestershire.
For the Gel Polish Course I provide products and tools for the day’s training, however if you want to bring your own you are more than welcome.
I have every product and tool you may need for your course with me, so don’t worry if you forget something!


Both have parking facilities and lovely surroundings.
If you decide to upgrade your accredited certificates to a City & Guilds Qualification, your assessments will be held at my C&G approved Venue in Halesowen.
Take a quick tour of my private setting in Halesowen…

Can I get insurance after the course?

Yes! all of my qualification courses are ABT accredited so you gain insurance after this qualification. ​

What should I learn next?

Most people who want to do nails move onto an acrylic beginners course or hard gel beginners course. You can move onto any system from here, just search our beginners courses for more details.

Expert support and advice as standard...

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If you need to book your Manicure Course too, you can add it to your booking!

Need a closer venue?
Book the gel polish course at your nearest academy:

Claire Woodcock Educator for Crewe
Paula Spencer Educator for Yorkshire
Hazel Clarke Educator for Bedfordshire
Start your new business today!

This course concentrates on everything you need to know to offer Gel Polish Nails.

An Accredited Qualification

All of my qualification courses and classes are accredited by ABT

Manicure / Enhancements Qualification required!

This course is designed for complete beginners to Gel Polish, however you do need to have prior qualification and experience of working on nails so you have the anatomy knowledge of nails you need. If this is your very first nail course, please book the Manicure course along with the Gel Polish course, or a Beginners Acrylic or Hard Gel Course.

Everything you SHOULD know is included

I hear it all the time from qualified nail tech's - what's an inhibition layer? Why is it lifting? You won't have these questions or basic issues by the time you've completed this course!

Terms and Conditions of booking apply, please see details by clicking here