Fill and Form New Glitter Cover

Always updating the inventory, here is the latest colour added to the Mystic Nails, Fill and Form range.

Introducing Glitter Cover Fill and Form. A beautiful cover pink with a hint of gorgeous sparkle.


The revolutionary Fill & Form Gels create a new GEL system which usage is similar to acrylics however instead of monomer here gel cleanser is used to form this thick viscosity paste gels.

Advantages which will make you love this system:
– very easy to work with it
– unlimited time for shaping the nail
– quick curing without any heat generation
– makes your work faster as you can refill even 5 nails at a time without having to put into the lamp one by one

Facts and figures:

– one-phase gel system
– need to wipe after curing
– does not dry in air
– non-yellowing
– non soak-off
– curing times:

UV: 1 minute (except White: 2 minutes)*
LED: 45 seconds
CCFL: 80 seconds

* min. 36W UV Lamp


1. Take out some gel and put on the nail where desired with the help of a clean spatula.

2. Form the gel with kolinsky haired brush (#12) by using Gel Cleanser to keep the brush wet. Cure the gel then file to reach the final shape and overlay with your favourite colour and/or glossy gel.

Glitter Cover

Small glittering particles make simply elegant this Glitter Cover applied on its own but also lovely to be used for Babyboomer style.

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