Smile Line and Structure Masterclass 

For Nail Tech’s wanting to upskill and delve into creating perfect smile lines and beautifully crafted sleek and strong nails.

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We have all of the tricks of the trade for this class! learn how you can create perfect smile lines, crisp with no loss of colour in the corners, consistent in thinness and looking slim and elegant.

You will learn:

  • Correct application of sculpting forms or tips
  • How to create great smile lines time and time again
  • Brush positioning for crisp smile lines
  • Traditional application and reverse application explained and practically demonstrated.
  • How to get an even colour and thinness to your whites…
  • Mix ratio for strength and colour consistency
  • How to sculpt a nail so you have less filing to do
  • Apex placement for different shapes and nail lengths
  • Perfect Structure with your brush
  • Filing technique for consistently perfect nails.

This course uses your skills to the next level, and challenges what you already have in your arsenal of application techniques, making your nail enhancements sleeker, more durable, more natural to wear and looking on fleek!

Next AVAILABLE DATES and book your place.


PRICE: £150 

Your model will be needed all day from around 10.45am which gives us a chance to get some background work done and see the first practical demonstration. She needs to arrive without any nail enhancements or gel polish on.

The price includes :

  • 1 day training 10am – 4pm
  • A certificate of attendance on successful completion

For more details on pricing for this course please get in touch on 01562 861492.

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