Acrylic Design Class

   Everyone loves nail art, either in a  subtle or way out way, theres something for everyone if you now a few tricks. This class gives you 4-5 designs you can create with your acrylic! from funky french, to 3D flowers, colour and glitter fades and encapsulating your designs, its all covered here in this Design Class. No previous design experience necessary to book this class

In this class you’ll learn all about how to create different coloured or glitter tips with acrylic, ombre’s, 3D acrylic flowers, embedding media without creating any extra bulk and creating great smile lines. The class also covers 2 alternative nail shapes.


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Class Time: 10am-4pm

Class Cost: £125+VAT

Who is this class for: Any L&P qualified nail tech, looking to expand their skills into coloured acrylic and 3D design. If you have tried to create acrylic designs but are struggling with the designs, thickness of the nails and structure or layering to get the nails to look beautiful and last.

*You must be L&P qualified to attend this class

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