AcryGel Conversion Class

For qualified Acrylic or Hard Gel Nail Technicians who want to leap into the AcryGel nail enhancement system.

You need to be qualified in the application of Acrylic or Hard Gel as this class  doesn’t teach you ‘how to do nails’ but qualifies you in the AcryGel system assuming you know the foundation of nail enhancements already.

You’ll need a model with you for the class, or at least a hand trainer if you can’t get a model for the day.

We will take you through the in’s and out’s of the AcryGel system, the chemistry the product range and exactly how to use it to ensure great adhesion to the natural nail plate, how to ensure they look great with the correct application techniques with all of our tips and tricks along the way.

We will also cover maintenance and removal as well as troubleshooting issues that could arise.

You’ll receive a manual to take home with you and the class is fully accredited by ABT, so your certificate is actually a qualification your insurance company will recognise.

The Class is 10-4pm and we have a few venues around the UK, so you are free to choose the class most convenient to you.

Class price: £150

You’ll need an acrygel kit to use in the training, if you need one, we are the distributors of Mystic Nails in the UK, so can purchase a kit here:

Mystic Nails Fill and Form Kit

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