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My passion has always been to provide a high standard of Education and it's that high standard that led me to winning the first nail competition I entered, becoming the youngest International Master Artist Educator in the brand I was associated with, travelling the globe, demonstrating products and Educating - most recently in the Maldives!

My hand picked team of Educators are a close nit team of highly skilled, award winning, nail tech's with successful businesses.

You are guaranteed a 'complete education' with my Academy - this means you'll learn everything you NEED to know! not just the practical application, but the chemistry behind the product, the nail types that throw the average nail tech into panic when something goes wrong and valuable advice on starting your new business from discussions about pricing to creating your online social media marketing.

You'll enjoy every second of your nail course with us, because you will know you have had a full and comprehensive Education giving you the best start to your new business.

Rebecca Orme

Choose your perfect course to start or propel your career to new heights

Worcestershire  |  Crewe  |  Yorkshire  |  Bedfordshire

Beginners Acrylic Courses

I have created 3 courses for you to choose from!

Manicure Course

A staple for any full service nail tech

Gel Polish Course

Whether applying over acrylic enhancements or on natural nails, this qual is essential !

Super Skills Workshop

Do you feel under-confident? Hit some issues you don't know how to fix? This class is for you!

Smile Line & Structure Workshop

With clients requesting designs from Inso on Pinterest , smile lines are so handy to perfect - and where should an apex be anyway?? how about your c-curves, are they feeling a bit flat?

E-File Course

Become more efficient in your enhancement services by learning how to use an e-file safely.
You will everything you need to know about the equipment, the drill bits and how to use the e-file to save up to 20 minutes on each L&P/Hard Gel/AcryGel maintenance appointment

AcryGel Conversion Course

If you have started with L&P yet need something without odour, need an alternative to L&P for allergy reasons, or simply want more freedom of time to create the perfect structure then AcryGel could be your saviour.

Hard Gel Progression Course

2 Days, completing your knowledge and practical skills another enhancement system - in Hard Gel. A completely different application which when done correctly produces the same look and durability as acrylic (L&P)

Learn with the best to become the best

3 Beginners Courses to choose from depending on your time, budget and business plan. Plus, Split the cost with SplitPay!

Have an educator all to yourself !

Book a 1-2-1 with us and really drill down into what you want to work on

Book with:

Rebecca Orme – West Midlands/ UK

Claire Woodcock – Crewe

Paula Spencer – Yorkshire

Hazel Clarke – Bedfordshire

Book with your nearest Educator

I have trusted partners I work closely with to provide you with the same classes and workshops I have devised.

Accredited Qualifications

All ofmy qualification courses and classes are accredited by ABT

Years of Expert Experience guaranteed

Whether you choose to train with me or one of my trusted educators around the UK, you are guaranteed a high level of knowledge and experience in nails and teaching

Free On-Going Support

You're not left to your own devises after your course. Feel free to contact me to get some technical advice after your class.