E-File nail course

E-File Course

Beginners Course teaching you how to use an safely E-File on clients

Are you ready to start making your nail services 

more efficient?

My courses are held in Kidderminster, Worcs or Halesowen, West Midlands. 
For other venues near you, scroll down to meet my hand picked team of highly skilled educators.
E-File nail course UK

E-Filing nail enhancements

is the perfect addition to a Nail Tech’s skill set and ensuring you are working safely and have the knowledge as well as practical skills to carry our E-Filing Services is the key to success.
Save time on every client
Avoid Repetitive Strain or make it less painful
Reduce bulk or length, FAST!
Change designs AND shape without removing the entire set of nails
Remove Gel Polish from Acrylic or Hard Gel quickly

Unleash Your Potential with This Course

Imagine reducing your timings and creating flawless nail services.
Picture yourself relieving stress and strain on your hands and wrists, while increasing your efficiency.
Get ready to take your nail services to the next level by learning how to create unique L&P designs and change nail shapes — all without removing the whole set.
Price your services to reflect your amazing skills and work less while earning more.

Step up to this opportunity and unleash your fullest potential by enrolling in this course today!

Note: This course does not cover natural nail prep or cuticle work, but will empower you to take your artistry to new heights.

What will I learn on the E-File Course for beginners?

- We will go through all of the E-file equipment, the handpiece and drill bits.
- Client Care whilst E-Filing
- How to debulk and refine acrylic or hard gel
- Thinning zone 3
- Infilling and rebalancing enhancements
- Removing curling, perfecting c-curves
- Safe product removal
- Contra-Indications and Contra-Actions
- Introducing E-Filing to clients

*This course doesn't include using an E-File on the natural nail

What is the cost?

This 1 day course costs just £150 (£125+VAT) and includes the 1 day hands on training, a manual and your ABT accredited certification on successful completion.

Can I get insurance after the course?

Yes! all of my qualification courses are ABT accredited so you gain insurance after this qualification.

Class Times...

This class is from 10am - 3pm

A model IS required for this course, your model is required the whole day and ,just arrived with grown out acrylic or hard gel enhancements on, that have GROWN out by at least 2 weeks. (Leave a gap at zone 3 if you are applying them the night before the class.)

E-File Kit

We provide the E-File equipment and drill bits during the course but i know you'll be excited to get a great quality E-File to use at home straight away yourself, so i have a tried and tested unit available for you with a free bullet bit to get you started- Only available to course attendees! Your free bullet drill bit will be automatically included and your kit will be waiting for you when you arrive for your course.

You can see the E-file we sell, HERE :>

The E-file Pro II

See my E-file in detail right here. A powerful sleek design gives you total control and alot of torque when you need it.
It is rechargeable and will even charge your mobile phone for you if you run low on battery!
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Interested in adding E-Filing to your services? Kidderminster Dates are Available now...

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Need a closer Academy? I have 4 Amazing Educators for you...

Claire Woodcock Educator for Crewe
Paula Spencer Educator for Yorkshire
Hazel Clarke Educator for Bedfordshire
Start your new business today!

This course concentrates on everything you need to know to offer E-Filing as part of your nail services.

An Accredited Qualification

All of my qualification courses and classes are accredited by ABT

Enhancements qualification required.

This course is designed for complete beginners in E-Filing, but you must hold a qualification in either L&P or hard gel before attending this class.

Everything you SHOULD know is included

I teach you everything you really NEED to know about E-filing. You won't have basic issues by the time you've completed this course! and you'll always have your Manual at home after the course if you want to refresh your memory on anything we went through.

E-Files and drill bits are provided for use on the day, you will need your nail enhancements kit with you to complete the practical during the course.
If you would like to purchase an E-File kit I have one for just £170 + VAT!

Terms and conditions of Booking Apply, Please click here to see details.