Day 3 and 4 Beginners Acrylic

Completed the 2 day acrylic beginners course?

Or have you attended a short acrylic course at an9other academy and want to learn how to sculpt and do smile lines?

The second part to our popular 2 day beginners course can be booked anytime (with a valid L&P qualification) and you will learn even more skills to wow your clients with.

- You will learn how to sculpt! How yo apply a sculpting form properly to create different nail shapes.

- You will learn how to create a smile line so you can create your own glitter tips, coloured tips or French designs.

- Lastly you will learn how to rebalance a nail efficiently. Have you ever looked at the nails clients come back with after a few weeks and thought they look thick at the free edge, or the apex is on the wrong place, the client tells you they feel a bit heavy on the tips.

Class Times...

The class is 10am - 4pm

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During the current time with Covid still in our lives, a model is not required to keep numbers of people as low as possible.

You will therefore be required to work on yourself or a silicone hand/ hand trainer. If you are working on yourself please arrive with naked nails.

What is the cost?

This 2 day course costs just £250 for the day training .

Can i get insurance after the class?

Yes, you will get a certificate specifying that you are now qualified in sculpting, smile lines and maintaining nails. accredited by ABT

Interested in learning how to sculpt, create stunning smile lines and advanced maintenance....

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propel your business to new heights!

This class pushes your skills and gives you more to offer your clients, expanding your services in your business.

Gain valuable skills...

We will be concentrating on product control, gaining the perfect thickness of application, brush skills, smile lines , best practices and more

We will also discuss pricing and timings to get started too.