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Welcome to the Confidence Series. A series which guides you through the confidence issues nail tech’s face whether you’re brand new to the industry and are struggling to make a start or been coasting for a few years and still haven’t found the confidence to take the plunge into starting your business.

I am offering the first section of this course out FREE with lots of discussions and practical nail applications for you to dive right in and start making changes in your mindset and your skills, to start making things happen.

You can do this… damn, WE can do this, together!


With all of my chat about my Planner in these videos, I decided to create one for YOU!

Specifically for Nail Technician’s, geared towards the way our businesses work, I tailored my beloved planner and added a TON of pages to guide you and support you through setting up, or forward planning your nail business.

From your vision, to your daily activities (yes, even planning out your business!) to your ‘keeping it simple’ one page business plan, this planner is customisable, tailored to your needs and lays everything out for you in simple pages that becomes your BFF

If you aren’t sure how to work out your cost per service, or your profits, how to earn the wages you require, then this planner breaks it down into ‘fill in the blanks’ and makes everything crystal clear, so you can get lost in the nails. x

See the Nail Tech Success Planner here!

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