Slimmer Nails Mini Series

If your L&P nails are looking a little ‘bulky’ and you have ‘love handles’ that you can’t seem to pin point or slim down… if you keep filing through your sidewalls trying to get a slimmer nail and don’t know which way to turn, then this mini course will get you back on track and ensure your nails looking slim and elegant.
I have more online courses you’ll benefit from too! if you ae struggling with your L&P nails lasting 2 weeks (or less). Did you know it could be any one of 7 reasons that is the cause? Well, I’ve got you covered check out the other online courses I have ready and waiting.
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Getting Slimmer looking Acrylic Nails
Get a slimmer looking acrylic nail
Its a subtle change but totally transforms your nails! 
If you’re striving for straighter sidewalls, slimmer more elegant nails, less bulky looking nails this is the mini course for you. 
A bite sized online course that will turn your clients comments from

“thanks, they look great” to “Oh, they look so beautiful!”

push your nails to the next level with this mini course

Course Information

Difficulty: Intermediate

Course Instructor

Rebecca Orme beckorme33 Author

Mini Series


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