Acrylic Beginners Assessment

Here you will find your Theory Assessment to complete your Acrylic Beginners Course. As part of your qualification you must show you have learnt and retained the most important information needed to be a successful Nail Technician. Here you will realise just how much you have covered in your course, and how much you have learnt along the way!

Course Information

All of the information you need to complete this Assessment will have been covered in your Acrylic Beginners Course, in the online resources on this website and in your manual. Be sure to do some revision before taking the Assessment, you will have 2 attempts and you are required to pass to gain your qualification. Don’t worry about taking this assessment, you have covered it all already, so take your time, there are no trick questions, just important information that as a qualified Nail Tech you need to know in order to work safely.

Course Instructor

Rebecca Orme beckorme33 Author

Beginners Course Assessment

1 month of access

This assessment is for current students studying nails at a Rebecca Orme Academy. Access will be granted to you when its time to complete your assessment to complete your course qualification. Please request access if you have started your course with us and you cannot login to this assessment.