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What will I get booking with Rebecca Orme
Nail Academy?

Not only will you learn all of the things you would expect on a beginners acrylic nail course, but you get so much more with a Rebecca Orme Nail Academy course. In addition to receiving ABT Accredited Qualification on successful completion, 
you will receive:
Expert tuition from Award Winning Educators who run successful nail businesses
Expert knowledge, advice and support in starting a nail business
Practical day to day advice dealing with clients
Marketing, Website and Social Media advice
Important up to date information regarding chemistry, curing and insurance
Factual information, rather than ‘I’ve done it this way for years and never had a problem‘ 
Lot’s of online resources with video demos you can watch over and over again…

Acrylic Nail Courses to suit your budget and how in depth you want to start

  • The 2 Day Intro to Acrylics Course, is the perfect introdution to a new career or business in Nails – Dip your talons into Acrylics with this Intro Course qualifying you in acrylic nails. Check it out, see if you enjoy it, then book your next course to learn more and more…
  • The 4 Day Acrylic Beginners Course takes you deeper into the world of Acrylic Nails, covering not only tips, but sculpting, not only infills but also rebalancing, not only a clear acrylic application, but also a 2 colour application with smile lines – for French white or glitter tip applications.
  • The 7 Day Complete Nail Technician Course takes you through all of the 2/4 day course criteria in full, and adds in the Manicure Course, Gel Polish Course and E-Filing too! 

Compare & Choose Your Beginners Course:

2 Day Intro to Acrylics

  • What is acrylic and how does it compare to other nail systems?
  • Client Consultation and Care
  • How to create nail enhancements WITHOUT damaging the natural nail!
  • Tip Application and blending
  • How to pick up the perfect acrylic bead
  • Application of clear acrylic
  • Filing
  • Infilling Enhancements
  • Safe product removal
  • Contra-Indications and Contra-Actions
  • Starting your business, pricing, H&S, Advertising and more.​

Only £234

4 Day Acrylic Beginers Course

  • Everything in the 2 Day Course to the Left
  • PLUS:
  • Application of Smile Lines for french or glitter tips using acrylic
  • Rebalancing Nails for perfect mainenance without constant removal
  • Sculpting of nails - no more buying tips, blending or tailoring!

Only £630

Only £890

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More Details...

Class Times: Normally run from 10am – 4pm each day. (Gel Polish Course is 10-2pm and the E-Filing Course is 10-3pm)

Model Needed? No, There is no model required for this course, but you must arrive with naked natural nails as you will be working on each other during the course.

Cost includes? The 2 day course costs just £234 and includes the 2 days hands on training, a manual and your ABT accredited certification on successful completion.

The 4 Day Beginners Acrylic is £630 and includes a comprehensive Professinal MN Acrylic Kit

The 7 Day Complete Nail Technician Course is £890 and includes 4 x Manuals, a Comprehensive Professional Acrylic Kit, 4 x Certifcates accredited by ABT

Can I get insurance after the course?

The short answer is, YES!

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Claire Woodcock Educator for Crewe

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Paula Spencer Educator for Yorkshire

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Hazel Clarke Educator for Bedfordshire

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Start your new business today!

Our courses concentrate on everything you NEED to know to offer acrylic nail enhancements, so you can start your own nail business as soon
as you like!

An Accredited Qualification

All of my qualification courses and classes are accredited by ABT

No Experience required

The 2 Day, 4 Day and Complete Nail Tech courses are designed for complete beginners and priced for everyone based on your budget and how deep you want to learn in the first instance.
- You can start with the 2 Day Intro course, then book the day 3 and 4 Progression when you have practiced and ready to move on! We can go at your pace!

Everything you SHOULD know is included

I hear it all the time from qualified nail tech's - what is mix ratio? how do I fix lifting? You won't have these questions or basic issues by the time you've completed this course!


Regulated Nail Qualifications are coming!

Book your qualification now

Currently, an accredited qualification, where it gives you a complete knowledge and practical foundation, is insurable. However the industry is pushing forward to regulated qualifications. This means you will soon need to have and City & Guilds or VTCT qualification to be able to work in the UK. 

Make sure you are prepared! The accredited courses I offer prepare you and qualify you to work and get insurance, but I can offer you an upgrade through my partnership with Therapy Learning, to offer you a City & Guilds Nail Qualification but completing 2 days* of practical assessments, theory workbooks that you complete in your one time at home and an online assessment. 

You can complete one of my accredited courses and start working as a nail tech straight away, then come back anytime to start your city & guilds regulated qualification! 

However if you want to ensure your future now… you can book the ‘Beginners route to regulated qualification’ by clicking below and get the specific training the regulated qualification requires, a comprehensive acrylic kit to take home and keep, and all of the assessments with me to gain your full regulated qualification. 

There is an additional cost of £125-175 registration fee is required on registration to City & Guilds – This is not required until you are ready to start competing your assessments. You can do this in your own time frame! There is no rush and you can book me for your assessments when you feel ready. I am here every step of the way to guide you and mentor you, so there is nothing to worry about, you can take your time to practice and ensure your future

Terms and conditions of Booking Apply, Please click here to see details.

Questions? Message me and I'll be happy to help