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Easy application


Multi line Brand: L&P, Hard Gel, Gel Polish, Coloured Gels, Coloured Acrylic

Issues with your brands strict application procedure letting you down? Mystic Nails has solutions, not rigid step by steps that don’t help solve issues!


Get in touch today to find out how Mystic Nails can help you assess and prescribe the perfect application for every client. Email info@nailsand.co.uk and let our expert Rebecca Orme guide you through how Mystic Nails can help solve your issues

To shop our extensive range of products including, Be Creative by Sam Biddle, Creative Ten, Swarovski Crystals, Stamping Plates and more, click ‘shop now’ to register… because we only sell to qualified Nail Techs!

Just a few comments from our students …

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Rebecca Orme

Nail Artist and International Educator

Competition Winner, Scratch Stars Finalist, Judge, Mentor

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