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Official Distributor Of Mystic Nails In The UK

I’m proud to say I have the entire range of Mystic Nails to offer you! Why did I choose Mystic Nails for my distribution business?
Because it has everything and it works!!
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I have 20 years of experience that has gone into knowing what Nail Tech's want and need and if you're a complete beginner looking to enter into the world of nails, you are most certainly in the right place. My in depth, knowledge based, practical courses ensure you have EVERYTHING you need to succeed in your business whether new or existing.

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Accredited qualifications in Nails - Start at the start with an Award Winning Expert Educator,
Academies in the Midlands (Kidderminster), Cheshire (Crewe), Yorkshire, and Bedfordshire.

Use the Professional Tools i use at London Fashion Week!

I am involved in tending the nails of models and celebrities too frequently! Want to know what I use and Why?

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